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Parking Charge Notice Appeals


We offer a transparent appeal process for motorists who have genuine cause for mitigation.

  • Appeals must be made in writing and supported with evidence. You can submit your case online by completing the form below or by writing to the address shown on our Contact Us page.

  • Appeals must be received by us within 28 days of the notice issue date.

  • You must include your vehicle registration and notice reference number. Appeals will be responded to via email within 28 days, however if you would like a written response via the post, please provide us with a serviceable postal address.

  • Unsuccessful appeals received within the 28 day period will be given an extended period from the date of the response to pay the reduced charge, or escalate your appeal to the Independent Appeals Service, POPLA. This Service is part of our approved operator status.

  • Please note that you can either appeal or pay your Parking Charge Notice - you cannot do both

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