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Car Parking Management

Unauthorised parking and car park abuse is a problem for landowners, businesses and customers.

Car Park abuse can cause a loss in trade and be frustrating to employees, customers, and residents. It creates important liability issues for landowners in respect of Disability Discrimination, Health and Safety Law, and Planning permissions.

Our Car Parking Management model involves issuing vehicles with subject to parking charges. We also pursue outstanding charges through a range of specialised legal routes. The process of allowing the driver or keeper to challenge the issue of the parking charge, minimises distress by giving them a fair arbitration system, underpinned by the impartiality of the courts.

Using the latest technology to ensure we can be a leading service provider in parking management, National Enforcement Solutions is here to regulate the use of retail, commercial, and residential parking sites nationwide.

We provide bespoke signage which is fully compliant with all industry and legal standards and carry out a comprehensive site survey as standard with our service. In addition to this, we conduct regular internal reviews to ensure that we are providing a consistently high level of service and to ensure maximum compliance.

  • Self-Issuing Solutions – Our sites are equipped with bespoke signage that meets the required legal specifications. We provide our Parking Enforcement Officers with full training on the issuing process and continuous support throughout their employment with us. They are provided with handheld devices to input information and affix notices to offending vehicles parking in contravention of the advertised contractual parking terms.

  • Photographing the vehicle – If you find a vehicle parked in contravention of the advertised contractual parking terms, you may take a photograph of the vehicle, send it to your dedicated site coordinator, and we will do the rest from the office!

  • Give NES the details – Whether you choose the self-issuing solution or take the photograph yourself, you can upload the notice details, vehicle details, and photographs via our secure web portal or by emailing the details to us. You can also call your dedicated site coordinator with the information, and we will enforce from the office.

  • Our enforcement – We will use specialised legal methods to enforce the charge against the driver/keeper of the vehicle. Our presence and efficacy will soon become apparent to users of your car park, providing a deterrent from car park abuse.


Our Services

Our bespoke signage is fully compliant with all industry and legal standards and specifications. We undertake a comprehensive site survey as standard, which ensures maximum compliance. We conduct regular internal reviews to ensure the service we provide is consistently high.

ZATPark self-issuing is an effective way to take full control of your parking facilities. National Enforcement Solutions guarantees a straight-forward and cost-effective enforcement system. Our officers print and affix notices to vehicles parking outside the scope of the advertised contractual parking terms.

With our fully bespoke system, you or your employee can simply photograph vehicles parking in contravention to the advertised contractual parking terms and we can issue a notice from our Head Office. Parking Charge Notices are then mailed directly to the registered keeper.

You have a range of options available, depending on whether you use the self-issuing solution or our ZATPark service. You can upload the notice details or vehicle details and photographs via our web portal, email your site coordinator the details, or phone our dedicated Parking Enforcement administration team to provide us with the relevant information.

We can then enforce the notice against the driver or keeper.

NES offers a patrol services to organisations is your site structure cannot accommodate our self-issuing service. This can be on an ad-hoc basis or by contract for regular enforcement.

Our operatives receive a fully bespoke training programme before they commence employment as well as ongoing training throughout their time with us. All training goes above and beyond the standard required for parking enforcement and are sensitive to each of our client’s needs.


If you require more information on the service that we offer, please contact us to find out how we can help on 0333 305 9927 option 4.

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