6.1 The Interaction and issuing an FPN.

You have witnessed an offence, the first thing an officer must do is activate their body camera. This must show you walking to the offender. You begin the conversation with introducing yourself and showing your ID. You should then explain to the offender that you are wearing a body camera and its recording. Then explain the reason why you have stopped to speak to them and the fact that it’s a criminal offence. The consequences of their actions should be explained. You will then need to ask them for their Name, address, DOB. And it should be explained to them that the local authority will give people a chance to discharge their liability by issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice. You should explain the payment amounts and the methods. Telephone, online, cash at any post office or pay zone.

If they ask about appeals, any representations should be submitted online through the web address that’s on the FPN.

Be polite always and if they get irate do not let it get to you. If people need advice, then please offer it. The camera should remain recording until they or the officer walks away.