5.5 Dog Related Offences

When we think of dog related offences, we would only focus on dog fouling and people failing to pick up. THE DOG FOULING OF LAND ACT 1996 was brought into effect and allowed enforcement of dog fouling. THE DOG FOULING OF LAND ACT 1996 limited enforcement, as the default amount was set at £50 for FPN rates and scale 3 on the standard scale if prosecuted in court. This was being too soft on an offence that was considered more disrespectful than littering. The Act was eventually repealed.

THE CLEAN NEIGHBOURHOOD ACT s55 allowed for Dog Control Orders to be made within local authority boundaries that allowed FPN rates to be Increased and set higher than previously.

Dog Control Orders allowed up to five offences to be included in Dog Control Orders;

  • failing to remove dog      faeces

  • not      keeping a dog on a lead (the length can be specified)

  • not      putting and keeping a dog on a lead when directed to do so by an      authorised officer (again, the length can be specified)

  • permitting      a dog to enter land from which dogs are excluded

  • taking      more than a specified number of dogs onto land

Most dog control orders moved over to Public Space Protection Orders automatically in 2017.

New Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) are made under the ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR, CRIME AND POLICING ACT 2014.