5.7.6 PPE and Process

When investigating Fly Tipping incidents officers will need to look through contents of bags to ascertain where the items came from. Looking for letters and any documents that may have address details on.

The risk of needle stick injuries, cuts or injection is high. Officers must always wear PPE and follow the process below.

Wearing turtle shell or sharp gloves officers must open the black bin bag carefully for inspection. To take items out of the bag officers must use litter pickers provided. Any documents found must be photographed with the dumped waste and placed into a clear plastic bag.

The black bag can be tied back up and collection arranged. The EDA has a function SR this will be used to report fly tipping investigations and submit photographs. The operations centre will then send out a caution letter asking for comment. The person may respond admitting the offence, in that case an FPN will be sent out. If they do not reply an FPN and letter maybe sent anyway, any evidence will be reviewed before a decision to prosecute is made.

As a part of the process and where practical a doorstep interview may be needed. For this, officer need to be familiar with THE POLICE AND CRIMINAL EVIDENCE ACT 1984.