3.4 Patrol Techniques

NES Enforcement officers across the UK patrol in varied locations. Whether it be in car parks, high streets, retail parks or even remote areas subject to Fly Tipping. However some common techniques can be employed.
 Remain vigilant and observant without resorting to behaviour that would be considered underhand by an observer
 Consider weather, trends, footfall, weekdays or any other factors that may influence how busy an area might be.
 Consider mixing stationary observation, mobile and foot patrols, to maximise your effectiveness.
 Use mirrors and natural vantage points to enable easy unobtrusive observations
 Use local knowledge to plan patrols for coverage of areas.
 Recognise that patrol plans may change with the environment and seasons
 Identify when focussing on an area may lead to reduced incidents but also crime displacement.
 Remember your observation skills need to identify offences in a manner that does not cause offence to the public going about their lawful business
 Remember to take everything you will need on patrol with you to maximise time spent “On the ground”