2.4 Uniform and Equipment

The typical uniform that is supplied by National Enforcement Solutions consists of parking enforcement style jacket with parking style outer jacket. 

The top and jacket are both supplied with dual branding and must always be worn, unless on an authorised plain clothed operation. Combat style trousers are supplied along with boots, rain coats will also be provided.

You will also be supplied with an ID card, this both identifies you and confirms your authority to enforce on behalf of the local authority. Your ID card is an essential part of your uniform. It is mandatory to carry this during all periods of duty, no enforcement should be attempted whilst unable to verify your authority or whilst not properly equipped. However, we may still witness offences and be able to enforce later, when we are properly equipped to enforce.

The carrying of unauthorised equipment or uniform is prohibited.

National Enforcement Solutions supply all the equipment for the contract as this is a part of the service we offer to the Local Authority. The equipment must be placed on charge each night, left at the depot and collected each morning. It is important that equipment is looked after as to replace would be expensive. The equipment is the best in the business and has cost the company approximately £10,000 to purchase prior to starting the contract. Two particularly important pieces of equipment make up a part of your kit and enable National Enforcement Services to offer the best Environmental Crime Service available on the market. We typically use Halo body camera’s which are encrypted allowing us to safeguard personal data if fallen into the wrong hands.

The Halo camera is easy to use, clips on to your clothing or is used on a lanyard. This camera will automatically upload to the DEMS cloud once docked at the end of each shift. To enable recording flip down the ‘Audio/video’ plastic cover and recording will start. It is important to activate your body camera prior to interacting with an offender to ensure that the whole interaction is recorded. Simply flip the cover back up once you want to stop the recording. Again, only stop the recording when the whole interaction has finished and when you are away from the offender.

Whilst we are out on patrol, we now know the uniform we wear. We have the tools to correctly issue the fixed penalty notice and a camera to ensure that our version of events is criticised or challenged if we were ever put in that position.

Out on patrol and you witness an offender throw away a crisp packet and walk off. The first thing an officer should do is to activate their body camera and begin the approach. It is vital that the interaction is 100 percent caught on camera and that the filming is on a continuous video. No part videos or interaction of 2,3,4 or even 5 videos making up one incident. It has been known for officers to stop filming and then continue later. This questions their evidence and character.

The second piece of equipment is the Electronic Digital Android device. This is also encrypted and easy to use. Once you turn on and login the process of issuing an FPN is easy as it is selecting fields through a variety of drop downs and blank fields.

Your EDA may also be used, dependant on contract for completing vehicle paperwork, raising reports, making Service Requests and any other contract specific required administration.