2.3 Shift Administration

The great news is that NES are embracing simple, paper free options to help you focus on the core tasks our customers expect.

To that end, the process for booking on and off duty has been fully automated. You will be required whether via your team leader or individually, to book on and off at the beginning and end of every shift. A 15 minute window exists either side of you start / finish time where the automated system will accept your call.

The process is identified below:

· Telephone 01753 387663

· Follow the automated prompts:

· Type in your contract number, followed by the hash sign

· Type in your user number, followed by the hash sign

· You will be told if you have successfully booked On / Off

· Any issues should be reported

Any equipment that you are using on shift, including vehicles should be checked for damage and serviceability before commencement of shift and reported accordingly.