1.3 Overview of the role

David is an Environmental Enforcement officer working on behalf of Made-up borough council. David arrives at his office for 06:45 and picks up his camera and handheld device ready for the day David meets up with Rebecca who he is partnered up with for the day. The two enforcement officers go to the site car and leave the depot on their way to Newtown where they will be working for the day. On their way there they both witness a dog walker on the side of the road, as they get near to the offender the dog arches its back and fouls on the pavement. The dog owner walks away and does not pick the faeces up. David and Rebecca pull the car over at a safe and convenient place activate their camera’s and both approach the owner of the dog. David introduces himself and his colleague, shows them their ID’s and tells the owner that an offence has occurred as he did not pick up after his dog. This was a criminal offence as David explains, and tells the owner an FPN will be issued. The FPN is issued and David explains the full details on how and where to pay along with the representation process.

David and Rebecca go back to the vehicle and proceed to Newtown where they spend the rest of their day. On Newtown high street Rebecca witnesses a young lady throw a cigarette onto the street and go into a shop. Rebecca and David wait outside the newsagents until the offender comes out, with their body cameras activated. When the offender comes out Rebecca introduces herself, shows her ID and explains that she has committed an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and she is required by law to provide details, the lady produces a driving licence. Rebecca issued the lady with an FPN and explains the legislation, the payment process and how to make a representation.

David and Rebecca continue to work like this throughout the day until 16:45 when they return to the depot. David issued 7 FPN’s and Rebecca 6.