1.2 Introduction to the course and learning outcomes

The following course will explore the roles and responsibilities of an Environmental Enforcement Officer, enforcing legislation on behalf of local authorities. The course has been designed to teach you everything about the role from the equipment you will need to fulfil the role. The places we patrol and the myths around private land. The course will discuss Health and Safety procedures that must be followed and discuss the relevant legislation specific to each of the offences you will be enforcing on behalf of the council you will be representing. The course will show you how to correctly issue an FPN and the full procedure to ensure no complaints can be made against you. The course is designed to be interactive and you are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible, if you do not understand anything or need something to be explained again.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand why we enforce environmental crimes and the consequences of offenders breaking the rules.

  • You should understand the legislation for each of the offences

  • Always identify good practice and professional conduct.

  • Be competent enough to issue an FPN and all supporting tasks

  • GDPR compliance